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11 ways to surprise and delight parents

“Surprise” and “school” isn’t a word pairing that would generally be regarded as positive. There is little that parents dread more than the unexpected call from their child’s school. Based on that, surprising parents may not sound like the basis for an effective...

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Why your school needs to be like Alexa

The advent of digital assistants is having huge impact on our culture but Google and Alexa also account for larger shifts in how we engage with brands and technology. Those shifts are influencing the way parents engage with independent schools and are shaping their...

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Meaty Messaging – The Messaging Inventory

Thirty-four years ago, Wendys launched what was probably its most successful ad campaign ever. It featured three elderly women examining a hamburger from an unnamed restaurant and discovering it had a huge bun but a very tiny patty. One of the women repeatedly...

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Maximizing e-newsletter impact

School e-newsletters are a huge pain. No one, other than those who have to prepare them, would believe the amount of time they take. On top of that, they are a magnet for all kinds of heated and time-consuming discussions about who should control content, why parents...

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10 Other Reasons Parents Are Choosing Your School

Independent school marketing is in many ways a cycle of self-fulfilling prophecy. We promote schools based on certain attributes and then we research why parents have chosen our schools and remain satisfied with them based on those same attributes. That, in turn,...

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Chuck English’s ability to accurately articulate the Bialik brand and provide us with deep insight into what makes us unique as a school has been impressive and valuable for us. In many ways, his work has been, and continues to be transformative.

Benjy Cohen, Head of School
Bialik Hebrew Day School

What’s Happening

EMA Special Report

Chuck researched and author the recently released EMA report on enrolment issues and trends. Download the report here.




Innovation as a Differentiator

Chuck’s cover article for The Yield details how schools’ innovative programs impact enrollment.



EMA Conference

On September 12, Chuck will deliver two workshops at EMA’s Annual Conference. One on enrollment trends and another on retention strategies.




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The Philanthropic Mind

Surprising Discoveries from Canada’s Top Philanthropists

“This is the best book I have ever read on what “big-stick” donors really think.This book offers the single most uncultured investigation I have ever encountered on how the do-gooder wealthy decide on their gifts.”

Tom Ahern, renowned fundraising author and consultant

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