Brand hopes v. brand reality

Every business or organization has two brands. Or, more accurately there are two facets to the brand. Most of us are very aware of one of those. It is all the ways in which we present ourselves to various audiences – customers, donors, employees, and constituents. It...

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The Marketing Gap of 21st Century Education

There is a major gap in the way independent schools are marketing themselves. Here it is. The promise of a 21st century (21C) education is more meaningful to educators than it is to parents. At the core of this issue are differing views on what it will take for...

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What brand is your thank you?

In a fit of fundraising heresy I posted this question on Linked In last week: Does saying thank you really make a difference? Do you know of a research study that proves that thanking donors will lead to further or increased donations? There was some method to my...

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David and Goliath meets Social Media

Here’s an interesting David and Goliath story about the power of social media to transcend the rule of law. It’s also a cautionary tale for any business or organization about the power of social media. The “Goliath” in this story is Lassonde Industries Inc. of Quebce...

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Both gift and sale are four letter words

If organizations treated a gift more like a sale, they’d find out the two words have more in common than four letters. There was a great post from The Agitator last week discussing the fact that fundraising organizations often concentrate on donor acquisition to the...

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“Wow” is not the “how” of brand building

Last week I read a post on the HBR blog that described two “wow” customer experiences. They really were amazing. One involved a tech company customer service rep who was on a very long troubleshooting call and upon hearing the client say that he was hungry, had a...

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Pinterest? Five reasons why it’s not worth your time.

For most normal sized nonprofits and fundraising organizations – and many businesses for that matter – it’s not worth spending marketing resources on Pinterest. What is Pinterest, you ask? (by the way, if you’re asking that question, you may have already proved my...

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7 Reasons why Print isn’t Dead

Yes, it’s true. Despite what the social media and content marketing gurus tell us, print isn’t dead. I still get tons of direct mail, lots of junk mail and my newspapers (yeah I know I’m a dinosaur) are still overflowing with inserts and flyers. What’s more...

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Forget about Viral. Think Strategic.

If you want to create online content that will propel your business or organization, stop thinking viral and start thinking strategic. First, let’s be clear about something. Online content refers to videos, case studies, white papers, photos, blog posts, tweets,...

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