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Chuck English is the driving force behind English Marketing Works. Chuck has successfully partnered with dozens of independent schools, helping them achieve enrollment and other strategic goals through branding, marketing and messaging initiatives. He is an accomplished speaker, having delivered keynote addresses and workshop presentations at numerous national and regional conferences.

Chuck is the author of numerous e-books on independent school marketing, and has researched and written many independent school industry reports. His articles have appeared in a number of journals and he blogs frequently. Chuck is also the co-author of The Philanthropic Mind, a book based on comprehensive interviews with Canada’s top philanthropists. His business experience is complemented by a strong record of volunteer involvement and leadership.

Schools and other organizations we have worked with

Independent Schools

  • Harbor Day School
  • Wellington School
  • Blue School
  • Eitz Chaim Schools
  • Associated Hebrew Schools of Toronto
  • Bialik Hebrew Day School
  • Caskey Torah Academy of Greater Philadelphia
  • King David High School
  • Friedel Jewish Academy
  • International School of the Peninsula
  • Paul Penna Downtown Jewish Day School
  • Vancouver Talmud Torah
  • Pardes Jewish Day School

Prizmah Recruitment & Retention Initiative

  • Atlanta Jewish Academy
  • Chicago Jewish Day School
  • Gideon Hausner Jewish Day School
  • Hebrew Academy of Huntington Beach
  • Hebrew Foundation School
  • Hebrew High School of New England
  • Ida Crown Jewish Academy

Independent School Associations

  • Enrollment Management Association
  • Blackbaud Inc.
  • Prizmah: Center for Jewish Day Schools

Fundraising/Nonprofit organizations

  • Canadian Cancer Society
  • Baycrest Foundation
  • NCSY/Torah High
  • Canadian Friends of the Hebrew University


  • AL G Brown & Associates
  • Algood Caster Innovations
  • Harbour Mortgage Corp

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Chuck English is a talented branding, marketing and communications consultant. With his extensive experience and exceptional ability to listen and uncover each school’s particular features and benefits, he helped schools gain valuable insight into their target markets and unique positioning. Ultimately he was instrumental in guiding schools as they created strategic and effective marketing and messaging strategies. Unquestionably, Chuck’s knowledge of and expertise in Jewish day school marketing contributed to the overall success of Prizmah’s Atidenu initiative.

— Elana Alfred

Atidenu Project Manager
Prizmah Center for Jewish Day Schools

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