The EMW Approach

Every one of our engagements is custom made. There is no system, no template, no proprietary consulting format for you to fit into. Rather, we tailor our services to meet your needs and to help you achieve your goals.

What doesn’t change is our approach to working with schools. Here’s what you can expect us to do:

  • Ask tons of questions and make no assumptions
  • Hear between the lines, listening to the unspoken
  • Think – a lot. We analyze, organize, bucket-ize and systemize.
  • Add perspective, bringing focus and context to complex situations
  • Recognize the limitations of data
  • Deeply respect the enduring value of stories well told
  • Create by converting concepts to compelling visuals, copy and design
  • Tell you what you didn’t know and sometimes, what you didn’t want to hear
  • Partner – because you know more about your school and your community than we do
  • Know that the means are often just as important as the ends and that building consensus is critical to change

All of our work is guided by these five principles

1. Sales is a transfer of emotion.

Every buying decision, from nachos to nuclear reactors, has an emotional component. Find your way into the buyer’s heart and you’ll make the sale.

2. Keep your eye on the target.

Without strategy, even the most creative tactics are useless. Data will transform your most inspired ideas into effective campaigns and important results

3. Think Outside In.

Your view of the marketplace is likely as inside-out as that lovely new t-shirt with the tag showing. Empathy is the key to seeing your school like prospective parents do.

4. Wag the dog.

Marketing is often regarded as a resource that is called upon after a decision is made. But it can and should be the tail that wags the dog – seizing opportunity, initiating change and driving excellence to achieve overall school success.

5. Nice guys don’t finish last.

We like to believe that Leo Durocher was wrong and that there’s hope for nice guys in business. That applies to us as well as the clients we work with. If this one’s not true, we’re all in big trouble.

The Marketing that Works Manifesto

What is Marketing that Works?

It is part science, part art, but all about people.It’s a gathering crowd.It’s the spark created b a live connection.It’s the tiny rush of adrenialine that comesbefore a decision.

It is a tear, a smile, the glint of an eye, an extra heartbeat.Marketing that works is the deal, the handshake,the exchange.It’s what sets you apart – and what brings you closer.Marketing that works is a celebration.

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Chuck, you were great. You were flexible and thoughtful in all your presentations. The breakout sessions were well thought out and I think you gave the participants a chance to truly understand the concept of the parent experience.”

— Maile Uohara
Director of Admissions

International School of the Peninsula

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