Let’s hear those amazing independent school customer service stories


I’m betting that there are some independent schools that have “knock your socks off” customer service stories.
Exceptional customer service is increasingly becoming the most effective way for companies and organizations to differentiate themselves from their competition. Even so, there are some customer service stories that stand out as being truly remarkable. As an example, you can read this story of how someone from the Morton’s Steakhouse in Hackensack NJ personally delivered a meal 24 miles away at Newark Airport. Not surprisingly, social media channels lit up with this story being told and retold.
The potential for outstanding customer service to impact on organizational results is the reason that this past fall representatives of a number of colleges and universities attended a three-day conference with representatives of Ritz Carlton, Disney, Kimberly- Clark and Southwest Airlines.
Increasingly delivering outstanding customer service is becoming a necessity for independent schools. That’s why I’m currently working on a number of publications and presentations detailing the benefits to independent schools of focusing on the customer experience.
But I would also bet that there are dozens of great independent school customer service stories – occasions when a teacher, administrator or someone in the business office went absolutely above and beyond to solve a parent’s or a student’s problem. And I’d love to hear about them. If you have an amazing story that you would like to have retold, you can include it as a comment below or email me directly.

I’m looking forward to being blown away by your stories.

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